What we do

Emotional Imaging Incorporated specializes in giving realtime mediatic expression to how we are feeling.

Our Vision

Here is a gift for every one of us who knows what it's like to feel misunderstood. 

Here is a voice for those who have trouble articulating how they feel, from the merely shy to the more profoundly challenged.

Here is an instrument for an emerging generation of artists that promises a powerful and liberating new medium of expression.

With the Emotional-Imaging Composer, a multimedia instrument that translates biosignals into responsive environments in real time, we seek to open a realm of emotional discourse that will fundamentally transform the way and sensitivity with which we treat one another.

Our Challenge

The overwhelming amount of messages we are expected to process nowadays has led to an environment where it is virtually impossible to listen to our own feelings, much less to the feelings of others. Our ability to empathize has become impaired in the face of this incredible cacophony. How can we re-open those channels of awareness into one another's personal experience and restore real mutual understanding?

Our Response

Emotional Imaging puts audio and video to the service of illuminating with fidelity and clarity not only how we feel but also how we affect others.  It is our intention and fervent hope that honest feelings become the true tender of the realm, and their expression the safest and most reliable means of human discourse.

Our Policy

We at Emotional Imaging are excited to partner ourselves with those who share this vision and will use our unparalleled emotion-capturing capabilities towards the betterment of our planet and all upon it. The best technology for the best intentions.
Together, we hope to re-imagine the future of humankind by re-imagining communication itself.

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